Heathrow to London

Anytime you travel, the airport that you will be arriving at can be confusing if you have never been there before and this is especially true at the Heathrow Airport, the world's busiest international airport, which you will use. Getting from Heathrow to London will be easy if you can navigate the airport with ease. With five different terminals it can be a daunting task to navigate around even if you have been through it before, so obviously your first step upon landing would be to locate your terminals information point.

Where to go when you land at Heathrow?

Each terminal has an information point. It will give you general information about where you need to go, how to get there, and what you should do. Where the specific location of your terminal information point is will depend on which one you will be landing at.

Terminal 1 has a desk located in the middle of the lower floor.

Terminal 2 has two information points. One is near the Departures area and another in the public area.


Terminal 3 has one located in the middle of the arrival area and another in Zone D


Terminal 4 will have your information point once you pass through security and passport check in the passenger area as well as an airport enquires desk on the left hand side

In Terminal 5 you will have several available help options and information points. There is information on the ground floor, just turn to the right when you reach the arrivals area and locate the computer help terminals or one of the many help points located around it.


There are also members of the airport staff if you need further information or help.


If you need medical assistance, there are emergency phones throughout all terminals. Each terminal also has places to shower and take care of your other personal needs such as cash facilities, food, and baggage information as well as worship centers.
Beyond that, you will have to go through passports and immigration, signs are located throughout the terminals to make this easy to find. You won't be able to leave the airport arrivals area until you have went through. Baggage reclaim will be located immediately after you go through immigration. It is also very easy to locate. From there you continue your journey from Heathrow to London.

After navigating the airport you will still need to travel to London

Navigating the airport is only half the battle. You will also need to figure out how you want to continue your trip into London. Each terminal offers car hire providers. You can choose to have a car that you drive on your own or a chauffeur driven car. It's a great option if you would rather not rely on public transportation. Most car hire companies located in the terminals will let you have a car for 10-20 euros per day, depending on the extras you will need.
If you aren't opposed to traveling via public transportation there are a lot of various options and all will lead you straight into the heart of London. It will just depend on the option that suits your needs and whether you want speed, comfort, or cost effectiveness.


Heathrow Express will take you from Heathrow to London in approximately 21 minutes and there are trains coming and going about every 15 minutes. You will travel in comfort with plenty of bag space. Each train has wireless internet and free TV, or you can talk on your cell phone. Each train has a Quiet Zone carriage or offers first class services which will provide even more comfort. For single fair you can expect to pay 18 euros. Standard return is 34 euros. You will be able to catch the train from terminals 1, 3, and 5. If you are on another terminal you can take advantage of the free transfer train to get to those terminals.


Heathrow Connect is also a fairly quick option that runs through the airport every 30 minutes. Once you are on your travel time will be about 25 minutes. Cost for this air-conditioned train will vary depending on where you are going but you won't spend more than 10 euros. To get onto these trains you will need to get to terminals 1 and 3 aboard the free transit system inside the airport.


The underground train (Piccadilly line) will arrive and depart the airport every 5-10 minutes. Travel to the heart of London will take you about an hour. Tickets for this cost effective transportation route will be 5 euros. You can catch these trains with ease from all terminals via underground walkways.


National Express Coach will be at the airport every 5-30 minutes and travel via 50 minutes to 1 hour and 5 minutes. The cost of your travel will depend on where you are planning to get off the coach at.


Taxis are available on demand and travel time will be about 30 minutes to an hour from Heathrow to London. The drivers are fully licensed and have passed a test to check their knowledge of London. You can choose from a classic black taxi cab, a private hire car or a personal chauffeur services. Minicab services will give you a fixed price to and from any destination but you are required to book in advance.


The Dot2Dot is also available on demand and it will take you about approximately an hour travel time but they are limited on where they will take you to. Prices vary by where you need to travel to inside London.


For the truly adventurous you can also cycle through from Heathrow to London via bicycle or motorcycles. If you travel from Heathrow to Paddington you will use the grand union canal towpath for most of your travel and you can expect the trip to take you about 90 minutes on motorcycle.


Now that you know a little more about what to expect in one of the largest airports in the world and travel options to get you're to and from, you can pick the travel option that works for you. Your trip will be a great success and you will enjoy your time in London. Happy and safe travels from Heathrow to London.

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