Stansted arrivals

Are you going to be one of the 20 millions travelers who have to experience Stansted arrivals in Stansted Airport? It’s a smart move to choose this airport. Of all the major airports in London or nearby areas, the Stansted Airport is busy enough to accommodate 20 million travelers a year but not as hectic or as stressful as arriving or departing from Heathrow or Gatwick airports.

Stansted arrivals have several transfer options the minute they walk into the airport. You can walk to the airport railway station which is found one floor down from the arrival area. All you have to do from the terminal is to take the ramp or escalator down to the middle of the airport. There are signs all around to direct you to the railway station.

There are also preferred taxi services in Stansted which are well-appointed, affordable, and clean. First-time travelers can easily book taxis online. Anyone who is in transit to another location and has to wait for a connecting flight can navigate their way around the airport easily, and find comfortable places to sit back and relax before a trip.

Where is Stansted Airport?
This passenger airport is located in Essex which is about 30 miles away from Central London. It is used by low-cost European airlines including Ryanair, EasyJet, and Air Berlin to name just a few. It isn’t unusual for VIPS to prefer Stansted Airport since it is open to private companies and even has a separate terminal for government officials and high-ranking executives.

What Are the Facilities?
Since it is located a distance away, there are several amenities close to the airport for Stansted arrivals or transient passengers with a few hours to kill. Walking around the airport is hardly challenging because of the directional signs and convenient locations of the restaurants. Some of fabulous places to while away your time pleasantly are:

•    Frankie & Benny’s
This Italian restaurant is one of several in Stansted Airport but it is Frankie & Benny’s that has the longest history. It was opened in 1925 by the father of Frankie and moved to the airport when an opening came around. Their specialties include New York-style pizza, ribs, steak, sandwiches, and wonderful desserts.  It’s like your all-around family diner with 50s and 60s music. It’s a home away from home.

•    Millie’s Cookies is known in the airport for being freshly baked, delicious, and most especially as something that can be smelt a mile away.

•    Costa Coffee

•    Café Alba

What’s an airport without freshly brewed coffee? You can also find convenient on-the-go sandwiches and snacks all day, all night long.

Other restaurants and snack areas in the airport are Est Bar Est, O’Neills, Krispy Kreme, and an ice cream bar.

Aside from restaurants, one can also go shopping to pass the time or find fantastic deals. There are a Duty-Free store, a FOREX shop called the Money Corp, the famous Clarks, and a lot of other stores that sell luggage, cosmetics, shoes, clothing, and accessories. There is even an entertainment center with video games.

A hop, skip, and step away from the airport are some affordable hotels like the Brook Whitehall or the more elite Hilton Hotel for Stansted arrivals with more than a few hours waiting for their connecting flights. Standsted Airport has got it all covered in making travelers feel at home right away. No wonder it’s the 3rd busiest airport in the country and the choice of VIPS and travelers who just want to avoid the stress of a crowded, messy airport. Stansted arrivals will all vouch for the charming and hassle-free experience!

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